Presentation is King!

How is it that two properties, in the same location and that appear the same on paper, can sell for very different prices?

It is often due to PRESENTATION!

house styling presentation

 Why does Presentation Work?

We use our heads and heart when buying so it pays to never underestimate the power of EMOTION! Many times, I, myself, have been impressed by a property that just looks so good. This is thanks to the furnishings and decorative items. It is these little touches – picking furniture and items that are appealing, the cleanliness of the house, and the lack of any maintenance work to be done – that ultimately sell a house.

There is an expectation now from the general public that a property is presented well when on the market to sell. The look of the property ultimately sets the tone for  sale, so a property that’s appealing to a lot of people is what you want! Take the time to present your home in its best light – because if you don’t, the house up the road might just sell faster, and easier, than yours!

So What Can I Do?

First de-clutter the house and repair any broken or damaged items. Make sure any toys, games, washing and pet items are neatly stored away. Check the house for anything that might be broken – from large items like flyscreens, to smaller items like crockery.
interior design presentation

Secondly, clean, clean and clean again! I can’t stress how important this is! Don’t forget windows, fans (particularly those in bathrooms as they are often neglected), and flyscreens (for doors and windows). Dust shelving and ensure all rugs and carpets are clean. It may seem expensive now, but getting professionals in to steam-clean your carpet can add a lot of extra dollars to your pocket when your house goes up for sale or auction!

Finally, update your home with accessories. Cushions are a great, cheap accessory – use lots of them for colour and warmth. Decorative items are another great, cheap way to bring appeal to a room, and you can take them with you after you sell for your new home! At the moment, indoor plants are very “on-trend”, so don’t be afraid to place a few around the house – especially in living areas. Outdoor furniture is a great way to show off the entertaining areas – just make sure it’s clean!

Or, ask a Professional!

However, it is very easy to “not-see” many things which should be addressed when you live in the property to sell. This is your home, after all, and it’s hard to detach yourself from it! This is where our consultation advice in styling you house for sale can help. We look at your property with “fresh eyes” and see what should be done to further enhance your property when selling, to appeal to a greater number of people. Your property is in safe hands with us!

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